Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment
Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment (ASGE) is an international supplier of high-purity specialty gas equipment and the National Distributor for UOP manufactured molecular sieves and activated alumina adsorbents. ASGE has been the leader in specialty gas handling equipment and a distributor of UOP products for more than 30 years. Our company originated as the Linde Specialty Gas Equipment Division of Union Carbide. This division was divested in 1992 and has been operating as ASGE since.

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Equipment Desiccants - Adsorbents
ASGE specialty gas equipment   ASGE UOP molecular sieves
ASGE sells specialty gas equipment through an international network of distributors and representatives, and maintains the broadest product line in the industry. Products include: Pressure Regulators, Laser Gas Equipment, Flow Meters, Mass Flow Systems, Changeovers, Manifolds, Regulator Mounting Brackets (Protocol Stations), Process Racks, Gas Cylinder Cabinets, Purifiers, Filters, and Valves. Learn more . . .
ASGE stocks a complete line of UOP products that include MOLSIVT Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina Adsorbents and "FIA Standard Dyed Gel". Product types include UOP Molecular Sieve 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X beads, pellets, powders and UOP Activated Alumina A-201 and D-201 spherical form adsorbents packaged in containers ranging from 1 pound to 325 net pounds. Learn more . . .

Our multi-million-dollar stock allows us to ship 95% of our orders on the SAME DAY your order is placed. Combined with our expert technical support, custom design assistance, and commitment to safety, our same day shipping policy ensures fast delivery that will meet or exceed your application and delivery requirements. This level of service applies literally to any of the several thousand items in our catalog and to all of our customers - large or small. The ASGE master catalog can be obtained by calling 1-888-999-2743 or selecting " Contact Us".



Safety Cabinets - Protect workers and equipment by preventing gas related accidents at the source - install an ASGE gas cylinder storage cabinet.
ASGE safety gas cylinder storage cabinet


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