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UOP Molsiv Molecular SieveADSORBENTS
Molecular Sieves and Activated Alumina Adsorbents

UOP MOLSIVT Molecular Sieve and Activated Alumina Adsorbents marketed and distributed by Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment (ASGE) are available for shipment from our New Jersey warehouse for immediate delivery within 24 hours of order placement.

UOP MOLSIV Molecular SieveUOP MOLSIV Molecular SieveMolecular sieves are synthetically produced crystalline metal alumino-silicates that have been activated for adsorption by removing their water of hydration. Activated alumina is made by treating aluminum ore to become porous and highly adsorptive.

Synthetic adsorbents are used in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from plastic resin drying, polymer formulations, industrial gas purification and air separation.

ASGE stocks UOP MOLSIVT 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X beads, pellets, activated powders and Activated Alumina types A-201 and D-201 in package sizes ranging from 1/2 lb. to 325 lb. containers. All of these are in stock for immediate delivery.

UOP Molecular Sieves, MS Series PDF
Type 3A Molecular Sieve PDF
Type 4A Molecular Sieve PDF
Type 5A Molecular Sieve PDF
Type AW-300 Molecular Sieve PDF
Type AW-500 Molecular Sieve PDF
Type 13X Molecular Sieve PDF
UOP Activated Aluminas, AA Series PDF
Type D-201 Activated Alumina PDF

ASGE provides UOP Material Safety Data Sheets with every order. MSDS can also be downloaded from Technical Information.

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