Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment


This section includes equipment used to provide safe handling and processing of gas supplied in compressed gas cylinders. A broad product line of equipment for use in laboratory, medical, industrial, high-purity, analytical, and semiconductor applications includes: scales, heating jackets, CGA connections, brackets, carts, stands, leak detectors, safety caps, gauges, and fittings.

Cylinder Scale, Model CS-200 PDF
Heating and Insulation Jackets for Gas Cylinders, AGCJ Series PDF
Cylinder Connections, SG6650 Series PDF
Cylinder Connections for Medical Gases, Pin Indexed Yoke Connections PDF
Cylinder Brackets, Liquid Leak Detector, Thread Lubricant, Valve Wrench PDF
Cylinder Hand Trucks and Stands PDF
Mobile Cylinder Carts, SG6230, SG6240 Series PDF
Cylinder Safety Caps, Models SG6220, SG6221, SG6222, SG6223 PDF
Pressure Gauges PDF
Compression Tube Fittings PDF
Instrument Pipe Fittings PDF
Gastec Gas Detector System, Model SG4010 PDF
Gastec Gas and Vapor Detector Tubes PDF
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