Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment


The presence of particles so small they are measured in microns or portions of a micron can affect some gas processes. To remove these particles, the gas stream may be filtered through special meshes, screens, membranes, or porous metals. When oil, water, hydrocarbons, oxygen or other foreign matter are present in a gas stream, the gas may not provide its desired results. As a consequence, it is sometimes necessary to feed the gas through a purifier to remove undesired elements.

This section includes equipment commonly used in the filtration and purification of gas streams. A broad product line of equipment includes: wire mesh, sintered metal, glass fiber, and membrane filters. A variety of gas purifiers designed to remove trace levels of moisture, hydrocarbon, and oxygen are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

High Pressure, High Purity, Stainless Steel In-Line Filters, Models SG6112, SG6113, SG6114 PDF
High Pressure, Brass In-Line Filters, SG6120 Series PDF
Replaceable Element, High Pressure Submicron Filters, Models AG6090, AG6092 PDF
Replaceable Element, High Pressure Submicron In-Line Filters, Models AG6097, AG6098 PDF
0.01 Micron, Depth Filters, Models AG7100, AG7101 PDF
0.003 Micron, Membrane Filters, Models AG8100, AG8101 PDF
2-Micron, Low Flow Filters, Models FM4741, FM4746 PDF
In-Line Filters for Mass Flow Instruments, FM4800 Series PDF
High Pressure Purifier, Model SG6140 PDF
Low Pressure, High Flow Purifier, Model AG6170 PDF
Hydrocarbon Trap, Model SG6130 PDF
Indicating Moisture Traps, SG6180 Series PDF
Glass Encased, Low Pressure, High Purity Moisture Traps, Models SG6190, SG6191 PDF
Disposable Oxygen Traps, SG6160 Series PDF
Glass Encased, Indicating Oxygen Traps, Models SG6150, SG6151 PDF
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