Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment


The flow rate of a gas is the volume of gas passed in a given period of time. Gas flow rates are commonly measured with devices calibrated in units stated in liters per minute or cubic feet per hour. In most processing situations, the gas flow rate must be set to provide a uniform flow. Controlling the flow requires using valves to adjust the rate of flow. Flowmeters incorporating a metering valve are used to measure and control gas flow rates.

This section provides tutorials on the mechanics of and the selection criteria for variable area flowmeters, and mass flow measurement and control devices. A broad selection of models that include direct reading, calibration, blenders, mass flow, and various meters for use in special applications are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Mechanics of a Variable Area Flowmeter PDF
Flowmeter Selection PDF
65 MM, Direct Reading, Series 50 and 50K PDF
150 MM, Calibration Chart Referenced, Series 150 and 150K PDF
150 MM, Two Tube Gas Blenders, Series 150 PDF
High Capacity, Series 50HC PDF
Plastic, Series 50PM PDF
High Pressure, Metal Tube, FM4460N Series PDF
Mass Flow Measuring, Controlling and Blending Systems PDF
Selecting Mass Flow Systems and Options PDF
Mechanics of Mass Flow Measurement PDF
Operator Consoles--Features and Specifications PDF
Control Modules--Specifications PDF
Control Modules--Materials of Construction and Selection Guide PDF
Sensors--Specifications and Materials of Construction PDF
Sensors--Selection Guide PDF
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