Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment


The safe and efficient use of a gas depends on the system that transmits the gas from its source to the processing point. ASGE offers a range of equipment to meet the needs of most specialty gas systems, whether simple or complex.

This section includes equipment commonly used in the assembly and installation of gas delivery systems utilizing single or multiple cylinders or liquid containers. A broad product line of equipment for use in laboratory, medical, industrial, high-purity, analytical, and semiconductor applications includes: gas distribution panels, manifolds, changeover and back-up systems, cylinder containment devices, and a variety of accessories.

Modular, High Purity, Point-of-Use, Lab Gas Panel Systems, LGP Series PDF
High Purity, Gas Safe Delivery Panels, VP Series PDF
Point-of-Use, Gas Delivery Panels, P Series PDF
Custom Gas Panels, Enclosures and Delivery Systems PDF
Modular, Single Row, High Purity Manifolds, SR Series PDF
Modular, Double Row, High Purity Manifolds, TRB Series PDF
High Pressure Service, Single Row Manifolds, SRH Series PDF
Manual Changeovers, LMW SeriesPDF
Semi-Automatic Changeovers, AC Series PDF
Automatic Changeovers with Primary and Secondary Regulation, PCS, CRS Series PDF
High Flow, Automatic, Primary Changeovers, HPC Series PDF
Cryogenic Liquid Container, Automatic Changeovers, LCS Series PDF
Automatic Changeover Alarm Systems, PCSA, CRSA, HPCA, LCSA, LPRA Series PDF
Back-Up Regulator Systems, BRS Series PDF
Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets, GC Series PDF
Stationary Cylinder Stands & Process Racks, PR Series PDF
Stationary Cylinder Storage Racks, SSR Series PDF
Fire Resistant Barrier Partitions, FRB Series PDF
General Service and Explosion Proof Pressure Switches, Models SG6540, SG6541 PDF
Indicating Pressure Switch, Model SG6548 PDF
Pressure Gauges with Reed-Switch, Models SG6520, SG6521 PDF
Single Station, One & Two Point Annunciators, Models SG6551A, SG6552 PDF
Four and Eight Point Annunciators, Models SG6554, SG6558 PDF
High Flow Electric Heater for Nonflammable Gases, Model SG7500 PDF
Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Gas Heaters, Model SG6500 PDF
Acetylene Flash Arrestor, Model SG6545 PDF
Flashback Arrestors, SG6537, SG6547 Series PDF
Flexible Hoses, SG6450, SG6460 Series PDF
Cylinder Lead Assemblies, Models SG6630, SG6631, SG6632 PDF
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