Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment


Oxygen and moisture from the air can adversely affect many applications, reducing the quality of products being produced, or affecting the results of tests being performed. Residual toxic gases, if not removed in a proper manner, may be harmful to personnel if allowed to escape in the working environment. In addition, many gases such as Hydrogen Chloride or Chlorine will react with moisture to form highly corrosive acids. Proper purging techniques can avoid these and other related problems. ASGE offers various purge assemblies designed to eliminate unwanted gas prior to cylinder change-out and after cylinder connection.

Many systems and processes require the gas flow rate to be set to provide a uniform flow. Controlling the flow requires the use of valves to adjust the rate of flow. A broad product line of valves includes: diaphragm seal, packed, ball, metering, check, relief, and excess flow shut-off that can be used in a variety of applications.

Tee Purge, Models SG3893, SG3894 PDF
Cross Purge, Models SG3897, SG3898 PDF
Excess Flow Diaphragm Seal, Shut-Off Valves, FS Series PDF
Diaphragm Seal, Diffusion-Resistant Valves PDF
Manual Control Valves, MV5700, MV5800, MV5900 Series PDF
Ultra-Fine, Low Flow, Metering Valves, Models SG5340, SG5350 PDF
Two-Way, Ball Valves, Models SG5602, SG5622 PDF
Miniature Forged Metering Valves, SG5400 Series PDF
Ball Seat, Forged Metering Valves, AG5400 Series PDF
Check Valves, CV5600 Series PDF
Relief Valves, RV5570, RV5580 Series PDF
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