Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment


ASGE offers a variety of pressure regulators used to reduce high pressures to lower pressures that can be safely used in an operating system. Proper regulator selection is critical for both safety and effectiveness of operating systems.

This section includes a tutorial on regulator mechanics and how to select the proper pressure regulator for your application. A broad product line of regulators includes: brass, stainless steel, corrosive resistant, high-pressure, back-pressure, line, vaporizing, and a variety of models for use in special applications. Here you will find special application models for high purity gas control, lasers, food packaging, atomic adsorption, EPA Protocol gases, fruit ripening, laboratory gases, instrumentation, medical gases, cryogenic containers, and calibration gases. All of these are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Selecting Pressure Regulators PDF
Mechanics of Pressure Regulators PDF
General Purpose, Single-Stage, Models SSD, SSE PDF
General Purpose, Single-Stage with Flowmeter, Series SSD-600, SSE-600 PDF
General Purpose, Two-Stage, Model TSD PDF
General Purpose, Two-Stage with Flowmeter, Series TSD-700 PDF
High Purity, Single-Stage, Chrome-Plated, Model LABD PDF
High Purity, Two-Stage, Chrome-Plated, Model LABE PDF
Ultra High Purity, Single-Stage, Bar Stock, Model HPD PDF
Ultra High Purity, Two-Stage, Bar Stock, Model HPE PDF
Ultra High Purity, Single-Stage, Bar Stock, Model APC PDF
Ultra High Purity, Two-Stage, Bar Stock, Model APG PDF
Ultra High Purity, Positive Seal (Tied Seat), Single-Stage, AG3870 Series PDF
Ultra High Purity, Positive Seal (Tied Seat), Two-Stage, Model AGD PDF
Aluminum, Single-Stage, Bar Stock, Model ARG PDF
Type 316 SS, Positive Seal (Tied Seat), High Flow, Model CRH PDF
Aluminum-Silicon-Bronze, Positive Seal (Tied Seat), High Flow, Model ASB PDF
Ultra High Purity, Single-Stage, SG2600 Series / Ultra High Purity,
Positive Seal (Tied Seat), Single-Stage, SG2800 Series
Ultra High Purity, Standard Flow, Models AG3800, AG3805, AG3810 PDF
Ultra High Purity, Back Entry Ported, Models AGR3800, AGR3810 PDF
Ultra High Purity, High Flow, Models AG3820, AG3830 PDF
Ultra High Purity, Ultra High Flow, Models AG1000, AG1010 PDF
Pilot-Dome Loaded, Ultra High Flow, DL Series PDF
High Sensitivity, Mega High Flow, AGH Series PDF
High Precision, Low Flow, Instrument, SG4820 Series PDF
Low Delivery Pressure, General Purpose, Model SSC PDF
Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide, Ambient Vaporizing, Models SG9011, SG9012, SG9014 PDF
Ultra-High-Purity, Stream or Electrically Heated, Vaporizing Regulators, Models VREA, VRSA PDF
Acetylene, Atomic Adsorption Grade, Model SSG9048 PDF
Silane and Dichlorosilane, Positive Seal (Tied Seat), SG3860 Series PDF
Clinical Blood Gas Mixture, Two-Stage, AG3560 Series      DISCONTINUED
Medical Gas, Two-Stage, AG3660 Series     DISCONTINUED
Low Internal Volume, Miniature Single-Stage, AG9100, AG9110 Series PDF
Low Internal Volume, Miniature Two-Stage, AG9200, AG9210 Series PDF
Cryogenic Container, Gaseous Withdrawal, LC Series PDF
Portable Cylinder, Preset Flow, Piston, Model SG9090 PDF
Non-Refillable Cylinder, Preset Pressure, Models SG9094, SG9095 PDF
High Delivery Pressure, AG3840, AG3900 Series PDF
High Inlet Pressure, High Delivery Pressure, AG3850, AG3910 Series PDF
Ultra High Pressure, SG3600 Series PDF
Back Pressure, Adjustable, Models ABPB, ABPS PDF
Low Delivery Pressure, General Purpose, Two-Stage, Model TSC PDF
Low Delivery Pressure, High Purity, Two-Stage, Models THP, THPS PDF
High Flow, High Purity, Balanced Stem, Models UPH, UPHS PDF
Ultra High Flow, Balanced Stem, Piston, Models SG3882, SG3883 PDF
Regulator Mounting Brackets, Single, Dual and Bench, RM Series PDF
Regulator Mounting Bracket Alarm Stations, RMA Series PDF
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