Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

AA Series
UOP Activated Aluminas*

UOP Activated Alumina adsorbents are used in the drying and purification of gases and liquids in a wide range of industries. Because of the affinity of the alumina surface for water that provides the driving force for drying, UOP has developed products with optimal surface area and pore size distribution. UOP Activated Alumina spheres are "activated" by a proprietary process to achieve specific surface chemistry and reactivity.

CAS No. Al2O3-1344-28-1

Typical Physical Properties - 5 x 8 Mesh Spheres

          Type A-201 Type D-201
Surface Area (m2/gm) 350 350
Bulk Density (lb/ft³) 46 47
Crush Strength** (lbf) 30 35
Abrasion Loss (wt-%) 0.5 0.2
Loss on Ignition (wt-%) 6.0 5.0

** Crush Strength varies with sphere diameter. It is reported for a 5-mesh (4.0 mm) sphere.

Type A-201 Activated Alumina

Type A-201 is a spherical activated alumina that has high surface area, adsorption capacity and abrasion resistance. Activated Alumina Type A-201 is used as a desiccant or drying agent, for industrial liquids and gases, such as air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. It is recommended for all dehydration units using thermal regeneration.

Part No. Quantity Form
AA-2071 1 lb. Sphere
AA-2072 1 lb.-Case of 6 7 x 12 Mesh ( 1/16" nominal)
AA-2073 5 lb.  
AA-2074 5 lb.-Case of 4  
AA-2075 25 lb.  
AA-2076 50 lb.  
AA-2051 1 lb. Sphere
AA-2052 1 lb.-Case of 6 5 x 8 Mesh (1/8" nominal)
AA-2053 5 lb.  
AA-2054 5 lb.-Case of 4  
AA-2055 25 lb.  
AA-2056 50 lb.  
AA-2061 1 lb. Sphere
AA-2062 1 lb.-Case of 6 3 x 6 Mesh (3/16" nominal)
AA-2063 5 lb.  
AA-2064 5 lb.-Case of 4  
AA-2065 25 lb.  
AA-2066 50 lb.  

Type D-201 Activated Alumina

Type D-201 is a spherical activated alumina with high surface area, high adsorption capacity and excellent abrasion resistance. Activated Alumina Type D-201 is an abrasion resistant desiccant that has excellent adsorption and desorption characteristics. It is recommended for use in dehydration systems where the desiccant is subject to harsh mechanical conditions, and is especially suitable for heatless (pressure swing) air dryers.

Part No. Quantity Form
AA-2021 1 lb. Sphere
AA-2022 1 lb-Case of 6 7 x 12 Mesh ( 1/16" nominal)
AA-2023 5 lb.  
AA-2024 5 lb.-Case of 4  
AA-2025 25 lb.  
AA-2026 50 lb.  
AA-2001 1 lb. Sphere
AA-2002 1 lb.-Case of 6 5 x 8 Mesh ( 1/8" nominal)
AA-2003 5 lb.  
AA-2004 5 lb.-Case of 4  
AA-2005 25 lb.  
AA-2006 50 lb.  
AA-2011 1 lb. Sphere
AA-2012 1 lb.-Case of 6 3 x 6 Mesh (3/16" nominal)
AA-2013 5 lb.  
AA-2014 5 lb.-Case of 4  
AA-2015 25 lb.  
AA-2016 50 lb.  

For More Information
For additional information, see MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (MSDS) for this material listed or contact your ASGE representative.
Type D-201 Activated Aluminas are available packaged in 55-gallon drums - Contact ASGE for price and availability.
* Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment repackages and markets Type D-201 Activated Alumina manufactured by UOP.


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