Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Corrosive High-Flow Regulator Model ASB Model ASB

Aluminum-Silicon-Bronze, Positive Seal (Tied Seat), High Flow Regulators

The Model ASB regulator has been specifically designed for use with acid-forming gases such as Hydrogen Chloride or Boron Trifluoride. It is constructed primarily of Aluminum-Silicon-Bronze metal, which has shown superior corrosion-resistant properties in these demanding services.

The ASB also features a Monel® nozzle, and Monel® filter screens, along with a stainless steel diaphragm which has been lined with Hastelloy C-22®. This combination allows for its use in high purity applications, while also enhancing its resistance to corrosion.

Standard Features
  • Aluminum-Silicon-Bronze Construction provides superior corrosion resistance to acid-forming gases such as HCl.
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragm Lined with Hastelloy C-22® maintains gas purity while also providing enhanced resistance to corrosion.
  • High Purity Regulator Design permits vacuum purging of regulator.
  • Tied Seat (tied diaphragm) ensures positive shutoff if particulate matter should lodge in the seat, a common problem with corrosive gases.
  • Threaded Holes in Rear of Regulator permit front panel mounting.
  • Aluminum-Silicon Bronze Diaphragm Seal Outlet Valve maintains gas purity.
Optional Features
  • Bonnet Vent Connector provides a 1?8" NPT female port allowing bonnet to be connected to a vent line or disposal system as a precaution in the unlikely event of a diaphragm failure.
  • Internal (Inboard) Helium Leak Test and Test Report determines inboard leak rate; test report certifies leak rate of less than 2 x 10-8 sccs air equivalent.
  • External (Outboard) Helium Leak Test and Test Report determines leak rate of gas from regulator to atmosphere; test report certifies leak rate of less than 5 x 10-7sccs air equivalent.
Maximum Inlet Pressure

Inlet Pressure Gauge

Delivery Pressure Range

Delivery Pressure Gauge

Gauge Size: 21?2" Dial

Flow Coefficient:
  Regulator: Cv = 0.624
  Outlet Valve: Cv = 0.17

Inlet Connection: CGA 330, 350,
or 660 as ordered

Outlet Connection:  1?4" NPT female

Supply Pressure Effect:
  1 psi per 100 psi (approximate)

Approximate Weight: 7 lbs

Materials of Construction
Body and Outlet Valve: Aluminum Silicon Bronze
Gauges: Type 316 Stainless Steel
Bonnet: Nickel-Chrome Plated Brass
Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas:
  Type 316 Stainless Steel. Monel®, and Inconel®
Seats (Regulator and Outlet Valve): PCTFE
Diaphragm: Type 316 Stainless Steel lined with Hastelloy C-22®
Seals: PTFE

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
Bonnet Vent Connector* SG5647V
Inboard Helium Leak Test and Test Report HT1000
Outboard Helium Leak Test and Test Report HT1001
Check Valves*  
Purge Assemblies* (cross purge assemblies are recommended)
* If selected, these items are not installed on the regulator. They are shipped as separate items.

Table I

Part No. Inlet Pressure (psig)   Delivery Pressure (psig)
Maximum Gauge   Range Gauge
ASB-3-75-(CGA) 3000 0-4000   3-75 0-100
ASB-3-150-(CGA) 3000 0-4000   10-150 0-200
ASB-2-75-(CGA) 800 0-1000   3-75 0-100
ASB-2-150-(CGA) 800 0-1000   10-150 0-200
ASB-1-75-(CGA) 300 0-400   3-75 0-100
ASB-1-150-(CGA) 300 0-400   10-150 0-200
ASB-0-75-(CGA) 3000 none   3-75 0-100
ASB-0-150-(CGA) 3000 none   10-150 0-200
Where "(CGA)" is indicated above, insert appropriate Compressed Gas Association connection number to complete the part number. Example: ASB-3-75-330. Order by complete part number.
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