Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

LC Series
LC Regulator Cryogenic Container, Gaseous Withdrawal Regulators

The LC Series Regulators are specially designed for use on the gaseous withdrawal port of cryogenic liquid containers. These metal diaphragm, single-stage regulators are ideal for applications requiring both high flow and diffusion resistant pressure regulation.

These LC Regulators have been specially designed to accept a maximum inlet pressure of 3000 psig, allowing them to be used on high pressure compressed gas cylinders as well.In addition to the high inlet pressure feature, new higher delivery pressure ranges of 350 psig and 500 psig are available for special laser cutting applications.

Standard Features
  • Specially Designed for Gaseous Withdrawal from Cryogenic Liquid Containers.
  • High Pressure Regulator Design accepts inlet pressures up to 3000 psig allowing it to be used on high pressure cylinders as well as liquid containers.
  • High Flow Capacity capable of flow rates in excess of 1500 scfh.
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragm minimizes diffusion of air into regulator and eliminates "offgasing" associated with elastomeric diaphragms, thus maintaining gas purity.
  • Tamper proof, self-seating internal relief valve protects regulator from overpressurization.
  • Filter in Seat Assembly traps foreign matter, extends regulator life and reduces maintenance.
Optional Features
  • Diaphragm Seal Outlet Valve provides for flow shut-off while maintaining gas purity (Valve may reduce regulator flow capacity).
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig

Delivery Pressure Range

Delivery Pressure Gauge

Gauge Size: 21/2" Dial

Flow Coefficient: Cv = 0.36

Inlet Connection: CGA 320, 540 or 580 as ordered

Outlet Connection: 1/4" NPT female

Internal Relief Valve: Self Re-seating 600 psig

Approximate Weight: 4 lbs

Optional Diaphragm Valve: Model SG5460N

Materials of Construction
Body: Forged Brass
Diaphragm: Type 316 Stainless Steel
Gauge and Bonnet: Brass
Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas:
  Brass and Stainless Steel
Seat and Seals: PTFE
Optional Diaphragm Valve: Model SG5460N

Table I

Part No. Delivery
Pressure (psig)
Range Gauge
LC125-(CGA) 10-125 0-200
LC350-(CGA) 20-350 0-500
LC500-(CGA) 20-500 0-600
Where "(CGA)" is indicated above, insert appropriate Compressed Gas
Association connection number to complete the part number.
Example: LC500-580.Order by complete part number.

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
Diaphragm Seal Outlet Valve (installed) SG5460N-i
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