Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

RM Series
Regulator Safety Mounting Brackets Wall Mount: Dual Cylinder

RM Series Safety Mounting Brackets help organize work areas, improve safety and ensure gas purity by eliminating the installment of a regulator directly onto a gas cylinder valve. The fixed mounting of a cylinder regulator to an Advanced RM Series Mounting Bracket eliminates hazards incurred with regulator and cylinder during change-outs while allowing fast and easy cylinder replacement. The RM Series is available in wall-mount or bench-mount configurations to provide versatility to meet any application requirement. Both configurations are furnished with CGA outlets suitable for direct mounting of a single or two-stage regulator (sold separately) with matching inlet CGA connection. Note: Regulators are not included with RM Series.

The bench-mount model includes a built-in cylinder clamp and adjustable regulator mast. Two diaphragm seal inlet isolation valves are provided standard with dual-cylinder wall mount models.

Standard Features Wall Mount Single Cylinder
  • Fixed Mounting eliminates recurring leaks, ensures proper regulator alignment and prevents damage to regulator.
  • Bracket Dimensions allow for installment of single or two-stage regulators.
  • Spare Access Port in Block provides versatility to install options such as pressure switches, valves or additional pigtails.
Optional Features
  • Double Braided (all metal) Stainless Steel Flexible Hose maintains gas purity andprovides ease of connecting cylinder.
  • PTFE -lined Stainless Steel Flexible Hose provides convenience while reducing cost (not recommended for high-purity applications).
  • Check Valve prevents discharge of gas from regulator and pigtail during cylinder changeout.
  • Purge and Vent Assemblies enhance system purity and operator safety.


Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig

Valve (Dual Cyl. only): SG5460N
   and SG5480N Series

Inlet Connection: CGA Connection as Specified

Outlet Connection: CGA Connection as Specified,
   (suitable for direct mounting of a pressure regulator
   with inlet CGA)

Plugged Access Port: 1/4" NPT female
   (on RM block)

Rigid Pigtail: 36" long, 0.25" OD tubing with 5" ID
   service loop, providing a 23" useable length

Flexible Hose (PTFE-lined): 36" long,
   0.25" nominal ID, 0.375" nominal OD

Flexible Hose (all metal): 30" long, 0.285"
   nominal ID, 0.445" nominal OD

Approximate Weight:
  RMB: 9 lbs.
  RMW-X-1:  3 lbs.
  RMW-X-2: 5 lbs.

Materials of Construction
Block and CGA Fittings:
   Brass with Brass Assemblies
   Type 316 SS with Stn. Stl. Assemblies
Bracket and Clamp: 12-Gauge Hot Rolled Steel
   with Powder Coat Epoxy Finish
   Rigid: Brass with brass assemblies,
   Type 316L SS with Stn.Stl. assemblies
   Flexible Hose (PTFE-lined):
   Extruded PTFE inner core
   with Type 304 SS single overbraid
   and Type 316 SS end fittings
Flexible Hose (all metal):
   Type 316L SS inner core with
   Type 321 SS double overbraid and
   Type 316 SS end fittings
   Check Valves:
     EPDM with brass systems, Viton®
     with stainless steel systems
Valves: PCTFE

Part number key for RM Series Mounting Brackets

Ordering Information

Bench Mount: Single CylinderTo order a regulator safety mounting bracket, complete the part number using the "Part Number Key" above. For example, to order a single cylinder wall-mountin brass, with rigid pigtail, check valve and a CGA 580 connection, the part number would be RMW-B-1-CV-580.

Regulator Safety Mounting Bracket Assemblies for acetylene service require flashback arrestors (SG6545). All assemblies ordered with CGA 510 will be billed and shipped with optional flashback arrestors installed on each pigtail, unless the order specifies with which gas it will be used.

Advanced recommends the use of an optional purge and vent assembly without the check valve option when using toxic and/or corrosive gases.

Advanced does not recommend the use of Teflon-lined stainless steel flexible hoses in bracket assemblies designed for oxygen service and will not provide such assemblies when ordered with CGA 540 connections.

Advanced does not recommend the use of Teflon-lined, stainless steel flexible hoses with hydrogen or helium and with high purity applications. Although these gases are compatible with the materials of construction, experience shows that permeation through the PTFE core can occur.

Optional Equipment andReplacement Parts

Equipment and Replacement Parts Part No.
Vent Valve (Installed in Access Port)  
  Brass Valve SG6684
  Stainless Steel Valve SG6685
Purge Gas Inlet Valve (Installed in Access Port)  
  Brass Valve SG6690
  Stainless Steel Valve SG6691
Isolation Valve (Installed Between Pigtail and Block on One Cylinder Units)  
  Brass System with Rigid Type Pigtail SG6686
  Brass System with 316 Stn. Stl. Flexible or Teflon-lined Type Hose SG6687
  Stainless Steel System with Rigid Type Pigtail SG6688
  Stainless Steel System with 316 Stn. Stl. Flexible or Teflon-lined Type Hose SG6689
Purge & Vent Assembly with Check Valve (Installed in Access Port)  
  Brass Assembly SG6682
  Stainless Steel Assembly SG6683
Flashback Arrestor for Acetylene Service­One per Cylinder  
  Installed between CGA and Pigtail on Brass Systems SG6545
Replacement Pigtails, Rigid Type  
  Brass without Check Valve SG6646-(CGA)
  Brass with Check Valve SG6647-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel without Check Valve SG6648-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel with Check Valve SG6649-(CGA)
Replacement Pigtails, Teflon-lined Flexible Type  
  Brass System without Check Valve SG6620-(CGA)
  Brass System with Check Valve SG6621-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel without Check Valve SG6622-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel with Check Valve SG6623-(CGA)
Replacement Pigtails, 316 Stn. Stl. Flexible Type  
  Brass System without Check Valve SG6633-(CGA)
  Brass System with Check Valve SG6634-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel without Check Valve SG6635-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel with Check Valve SG6636-(CGA)
Where "(CGA)" is indicated above, insert proper Compressed Gas Association connection number to complete
the part number. Example: SG6647-580. Order by complete part number.
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