Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Instruction Booklets

ASGE prides itself for having up to date and complete instruction booklets for most catalog products. These booklets required considerable effort to develop. They contain basic engineering drawings, flow curves, equipment dimensions and safety recommendations.

The equipment instruction booklets are in PDF format. To access the PDF files you will need to have the Acrobat Reader, you can download this free software from Adobe.

Pressure Regulators

Cylinder Regulators-Brass 
ASGE Single-Stage & Two-Stage, General Purpose, Models SSD, SSE &TSD
ASGE Single-Stage & Two-Stage, High Purity, Models LABD & LABE
ASGE Single-Stage & Two-Stage, Ultra High Purity, Models APD & APE

Cylinder Regulators-Stainless Steel
ASGE Single-Stage & Two-Stage, High Purity, Models APC & APG
ASGE Single-Stage & Two-Stage, Tied Seat, Ultra High Purity, AG3870 & AGD Series

Corrosion Resistant Regulators
ASGE Single-Stage, Aluminum Body, Model ARG
ASGE Single-Stage, Tied Seat, High Flow, Models ASB & CRH

Line Regulators
ASGE Low Flow, High Purity, Models AG3800 & AG3810
ASGE Ultra High Purity, High Flow, Models AG3820 & AG3830
ASGE Low Pressure, Instrument, SG4820 Series
ASGE Very Low Delivery Pressure, Model SSC

Regulators for Specific Applications
ASGE Single-Stage for Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide, Models SG9011,SG9012 & SG9014
ASGE Single-Stage for Atomic Absorption Grade, Acetylene, Model AG9048
ASGE Single-Stage for High Delivery Pressures, AG3840, AG3850, AG3900 & AG3910 Series
ASGE Single-Stage for Very High Inlet Pressures, SG3600 Series
ASGE Two-Stage for Very Low Delivery Pressures, Model TSC
ASGE Single-Stage, High Purity, High Flow, Models UPH & UPHS
ASGE Single-Stage, Very High Flow, Models SG3882 & SG3883
ASGE Single-Stage for Lecture Bottles, SG3504, SG3505, AG3570 & SG3550 Series

Purge Assemblies

ASGE Tee-Type, Models SG3893 & SG3894
ASGE Cross-Type, Models SG3897 & SG3898

Variable Area Flowmeters

ASGE 65 MM, Direct Reading, 50 & 50K Series
ASGE 150 MM, 150 & 150K Series
ASGE 150 MM, Two Tube Gas Blenders, 150 Series
ASGE High Capacity, 50HC Series
ASGE Plastic, 50PM Series
ASGE High Pressure, Metal Tube, FM4460N Series

Mass Flow Systems

ASGE Mass Flow Sensor and Control Modules, Models FRM, FRC & HPC

Delivery Systems

ASGE Changeover Regulator Systems, PCS & CRS Series
ASGE Semi-Automatic Changeover Manifold Systems, AC Series
ASGE Back-Up Regulator Systems, BRS Series
ASGE Single & Double Row Manifolds, SR & TRB Series

Delivery System Accessories

ASGE Pressure Switches, Models SG6540 & SG6541
ASGE Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Gas Heaters, Model SG6500


ASGE Ultra-Fine, Low Flow, Metering, Models SG5340, SG5350
ASGE Instrumentation Packed, SG5501, SG5602, SG5622 & SG5400 Series
ASGE Check, CV5600 Series
ASGE Relief, RV5571, RV5572, RV5580 Series


ASGE High Pressure, Stainless Steel In-Line, Models SG6112, SG6113,


ASGE High Pressure, Model SG6140
ASGE Low Pressure, High Flow, Model AG6170
ASGE Low Pressure Moisture Traps, SG6180 Series
ASGE Glass Encased, Low Pressure, High Purity Moisture Traps, Models SG6190 & SG6191
ASGE Disposable Oxygen Traps, SG6160 Series
ASGE Glass Encased, Indicating Oxygen Traps, SG6150 Series


ASGE Cylinder Scale, Model CS-200

Fruit Ripening Gas Equipment

ASGE Banana Gas Equipment, SG3090 Series

Some of the information on this page is in PDF/Adobe Acrobat (Portable Document Format) and will require the Adobe Acrobat reader software.

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